Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives is an Auburn Medical Marijuana Wellness Center.

Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives operates a compassionate cannabis wellness center that provides a range of customized marijuana remedies and patient care to suffering individuals throughout the Auburn and Lewiston region. With a wide variety of product choices, Crystal Spring Healing Alternative seeks to educate its patients and help them attain lasting relief through alternative treatment.


Crystal Spring was founded by a group of patients who understand firsthand the medicinal benefits of cannabis. The founders began growing cannabis for themselves and started serving patients as more friends requested their caregiver services. After some time, it made sense to expand into a wellness center. Choosing Auburn as its location, Crystal Spring Healing Alternative opened its doors in October 2017. The team invites any suffering Maine patient to visit its wekkness center and experience the effective, natural relief it has to offer.


The budtenders at Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives are highly knowledgeable and offer a wealth of experience and insight into all things cannabis. The team wants to change the perception of medical marijuana in the Auburn community. Crystal Spring patient associates will ask their guests questions, find out for what issue they seek medical cannabis, and then work with them to find a suitable remedy. Through education and compassionate care, Crystal Spring Healing Alternative wants to showcase the medicinal benefits of the plant while empowering patients to take control of their wellness.


Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives represents years of cultivation experience and carries a wide variety of medical cannabis options. Flower cultivars such as Gorilla Glue and Blissful Wizard are among the Auburn dispensary’s favorites. Straight from its extraction lab, Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives also offers pressed rosin, distillate, and closed-loop ethanol-extracted concentrates. Patients particularly love Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives’ THC-rich rosin and vape cartridges. In addition to medical marijuana goods, Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives carries a full selection of glassware, rolling papers, grinders, and other locally-made accessories. All medical marijuana travels to Tested Labs in Manchester, Maine for consistent quality assurance.

At this time, Crystal Spring Healing Alternatives accepts cash only. The Wellness Center hopes to offer Auburn seniors and veterans discounts on their cannabis purchases and soon will implement a loyalty rewards program for frequent buyers. Crystal Spring Healing Alternative also hosts an onsite nurse practitioner, with whom new patients can schedule appointments to receive their medical marijuana recommendation.

First-Time Patients

First time patients must have state id or drivers license and MMMP certification and designation card to purchase


Menu is subject to change on a daily basis depending on current inventory